Be impatient!

I have always followed the motto “Think big. Start Small. Act now”.

It has a dream, a plan and timeliness to it.

Impatience is defined as the feeling of wanting something to happen as soon as possible

The world sees impatience as a negative trait. But I think that is not always the case. In my years of experience of running my own business, showing urgency has helped me bag some great opportunities, while others played the wait and watch game. But the question is, how do you differentiate between impatience and urgency? Between over eagerness and passionate proactiveness?

One can even reverse the question and ask how does one differentiate between patience and procrastination? Between waiting and watching and missing the bus? It’s a thin line!

I think the answer lies in understanding the context better. So here are 3 things I think you should be impatient about:

1. Be impatient about the effort, not the result:

We live in times where fast results are imperative. However, I believe results will come if you are impatient about the effort you put into getting them. Most people who sit around waiting for things to happen never make it. So get that fire in the belly started and the restlessness going. It’s good for you!

2. Be impatient about problem solving, not listing:

Assumptions are a great hindrance to problem solving efforts. We close doors by assuming it cannot be done. Believe in the power of possibilities and try all ideas to fix the problem. No matter how ridiculous they may sound to others. One of the greatest joys for a creator is the eureka moment. So get cracking ASAP!

3. Be impatient about learning:

Complacency is the clearest death sentence one can write for oneself. So be impatient about self growth and constantly put yourself out of your comfort zone. That’s when you’ll see your true potential.

If you do the above 3 things then you create opportunities that never existed. Because life is too short to be patient!

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